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are soaking america's rich. good morning. richard bellow one more time. richard? u.s.? caller: -- richard? one more time. richard? you with us? caller: good morning. if there was not one drop of oil in the middle east and the united states did not arm israel in their wars, we never would have suffered 9/11. i do nothing anyone would have heard the name osama bin laden. we are going to be there for years and years. they talk about raising taxes on the ridge to pay for this war. they will be paying for it forever. thank you. host: the first official state dinner will be taking place in washington, "obama was big tent leaves out gop big wigs -- obama's big tent believes that gop big wigs. chief among for those not coming, john maynard -- john boehner and eric cantor. the president did not invite john mccain, even though mr. obama pledged a post-partisan presidency. -- presidency." we will have live coverage of the dinner giving way under -- getting way tonight at 9:00. there is also a press conference that will happen at 11:30 eastern time. the arrival ceremony was originally scheduled for the so
approach should use? caller: he should not make america look weak, which is what he is doing. host: baltimore, up next. we are asking about the president's foreign policy. subtle and strategic or weak and naive? caller: i think he is subtle and strategic. i am concerned about the earlier caller said -- and said that force is the american way. that is horrible. we should be able to compromise, talk with each other, and except differences. -- accept differences. for americans to be that forceful, i am more scared of them then i am of what others can do to us. host: when you say that we should be trying to talk, talk about the president's speech that he is making on tuesday. what are you expecting to hear from the speech and how does that apply? caller: i do not want him to go to war. unfortunately that is a big part of life sometimes. you have to use of force. i think it he has discussed this for awhile with us. the previous administration has gone in without talking. if i know that i have to use force sometimes, it can be necessary, but i think that the way that the president did it
p panoply of the u.s. law. now they're going to be given a forum to make america seem bad again. criticize and mock america. it's extremely unseemly. >> it may turn out to be an opportunity for some people to get some of the justice they've been looking for for a long time. and they show that the civilian court system can succeed in certain case where is the evidence is clear, it's overwhelming, and you don't need to use all of this secret evidence or evidence that's been obtained through the torture program of the bush administration. >> families of 9/11 victims as you can imagine have some powerful feelings about holding this trial in new york. susan candiotti reports, some people say it hits too close to home. >> reporter: eight years of waiting is eight years too long for jim riches. he wants the alleged 9/11 conspirators tried in new york. the attack killed his son, a fellow firefighter. >> i want to get this moving, justice delay suicide justice denied. >> reporter: a handful of civilians got a close-up look attica lead sheik mohammed and others in a guantanamo courtroom l
calls in just a minute. let me begin with the president's proclamation. you can find it on america.gov. in it he recognizes-americans who helped colonist to survive their first harsh winter, and acknowledged the troops serving overseas and here. he ends with saying that he set his hair and eye-- you can readn america.gov. there is an editorial about thanksgiving. it is from newsweek. in notes that lincoln declared the annual national observation primarily due to a 15-year head campaicampaign. "the new york daily news" editorial ends with this -- though the date changes from year to year, the purpose does not. give banks to god in whom you believe, for despite our differences and travails, we are truly blessed. a things giving toast here. -- at thanksgiving toast here. we will bring more from the washington times this morning and other editorials. first we want to thank you what you are thankful for this morning. we want to begin with news about afghanistan. sir, let me begin with the front page in their headlined -- the u.s. is seeking 10,000 troops from its allies. let me ask you
weekend. god bless america. host: about 15 more minutes of your calls on who has the bigger influence in washington? constituents or lobbyists? here this headline, the catholic bishops flex their muscles at the opportunities ahead. emboldened by success and inserting restrictive abortion language and to the house healthcare bill, roman catholic bishops said they have found of the model that could provide the latter voice in future policy debates. inside this story, i will turn the page and go little deeper into this story -- they write, churches strategic decisions are significant because with catholics representing 30%, the largest single religious group among members of congress, it can gain access across party lines. while pressuring democratic leaders to adjust to the abortion coverage language earlier this month and the bishops simultaneously contacted republican members and warned them against using procedural tactics to torpedo an amendment. a related story this morning about patrick kennedy. the bishop in rhode island -- this is in "the new york daily news" -- the bishop bent
pressing in. everything we do is not in the microcosm of america anymore. whether we rise or fall does not just depend on us. host: the professor mentioned about the dubai information. does it affect many people? he kind of suggested it didn't but he said it should be factored in terms of what people think about the economy. caller: yes, dislike for our oil and natural resources, every little ticked i hear about it in china, what happens to us with our resources. i will hear about it affecting china. we did not used to think about that decades ago. host: your global perspective, have you changed your mind about the state of the economy? caller: i just feel a little bit like he did. going with the flow. but when we see where we can really put our muscle to making things better and making the resources last longer, we have to do with and try to bring the rest of the world in with to accomplish that. host: next up, steve on independent line. jacksonville, florida. caller: actually if i change my mind i am a bit more pessimistic than i was. 10.2 percent unemployment and i believe the effec
and public tours into those rarely seen spaces of the white house, america's most famous home. explore the history, art, and architecture of the capital, one of america's most symbolic structures. american icons, a three-disc dvd said. it is $24.95 plus shipping and handling. order it online at c-span.org. the 2010 studentcam contest is on. the top prize is $5,000. create a 5-8 minute video. it must incorporate cspan programming and show varying points of view. the deadline is january 20. winning entries will be shown on c-span. grab a camera and get started. >> "washington journal "washington journal continues. >> we have a senior fellow on environmental studies. host: i want to read to you from "the new york times" a call this morning. scientists are calling for a change in the studies on global warming. guest: we got to this point by not being very transparent. it would suggest that the reviewers for the papers and literatures who would intimidate the editors of journals who would publish papers that they did not like by so-called skeptics. what happened is that this is a result of
option. hello? host: go ahead. caller: the public option is the one thing that america can do for its citizens. once you pay your premium, that premium is gone. if you do not pay the premium next time for any reason, you are out of luck. the only thing that america can do for its citizens is to make sure that whenever they cannot pay the premium for any reason, there is one other fact. a war is not more pressing than the health of americans. we are at war because 3000 americans were killed on 9/11. not to take anything away from those events, but health care kills more people in america than anything else. thank you. host: let's take a look at comments that bernie sanders made yesterday. he was talking with george stephanopoulos. >> will you support a filibuster if the public option is not included? >> let me say this -- the reason i am a strong supporter of and enhance public option are twofold. one, the american people do not trust private insurance companies. they understand that the function of a private insurance company is not to provide health care, it is to make as much money
behind 9/11. >> if somebody murders americans and they murder americans in america, they ought to be prosecuted in america and hopefully convicted in america. >> we shouldn't close guantanamo for the purposes of these types of terrorists. basically, we're dealing here with people who have committed acts of war against us. they shouldn't be tried in our criminal justice system, they should be tried in our military justice system. it's absolutely inexcusable to try these people. that's why we have such a system. >> critics are also concerned about security. rudy giuliani who was new york's mayor on 9/11 said holding the troil there would cost too much and put unnecessary stress on police. >> anyone that tells you that this doesn't create additional security problems, of course, isn't telling you the truth. the best indication of it is look at the additional security employed when this happens. that also happens to cost millions and millions of dollars. all of which will be worth it if there were no other choice. >> critics say a public trial would force prosecutors to reveal sens
for america. member keflezighi was the first american to win the new york city marathon in 27 years. this guy's story a great one. his fame emigrated from a war-torn part of east africa. he's kissing the ground after he won. goes around with the american flag. 34 years old, a star at ucla, i u.s. citizen in 1998 after battling injuries, ran the best race of his life, 26 miles in 2 hours, 9 minutes. >> after he finished did he start crying a little bit? >> absolutely. emotional day. >>> the wife and former girlfriend -- i'm sorry, a recent girlfriend of raiders' head coach tom cable claimed he used to beat them. both women say he has anger management issues. he acknowledged in a statement that he struck his wife with an open hand but said it was the only time it happened. his lawyer disputed the fairness of espn's report. nfl is still investigating allegations he hit an assistant coach. >>> lastly on halloween night, this is crazy. a bat got into the at&t center. a bat. the spurs coyote tries to go after it wearing a batman shirt. more on that in a second. ginobi ginobili, watch what he does.
some -- they're the ones that are the illegal. i mean, remember america was sold. i'm not trying to be racist but that's just the truth. and i'm tired of hearing the rhetoric and evilness and trying to get people to believe that. and as far as the republicans taking over, their days are numbered because they're evil -- not evil. they're selfish and greed. and the real american people are tired of that and trying to keep everyone else down. p host: we'll leaf it there. caller: hello. i want to talk about an issue that apparently nobody wants to discuss in the politics and that's the issue of race. as far as i'm concerned, the democratic party is the ant-white. they will not do anything for the white middle class that i can see. and they had this former secretary of labor, robert rice making a comment last year that none of the stimulus money should go to a white person. that was disgraceful for him to say that. but there's no condemnation coming from the democrats or even from the republicans. they both sort of spoke out about that kind -- should have spoken out about that kind of
in america, topics including the midterm elections and 2012. what is fair in politics, the role of the media, and assessing the obama presidency. tuesday night, the first state dinner as president obama's welcomes the indian prime minister. also, three weeks of originals he's been documentaries -- american icons. >> "washington journal" continues. host: i wrote on my facebook, back together again. margaret carlson and tucker carlson -- how long have you to know each other? guest: a while. margaret introduced me to television, actually. she was the first person i ever did any kind of show with. guest: he ahd on a beanie hat and i brought him along, little of the 1990's on cnn. [laughter] host: dana milbank called this the mint -- the louisiana purchase. your reaction to what you saw yesterday and how it is playing out. guest: we thought that with all the attention paid to earmarks and how horrible they are that you would not be giving away huge chunks of money to get a vote. only now it is done and they are kind of proud of it. look, we got mary landrieu ended only cost this much money. guest
in america. now the united states senate must follow suit and pass its version of the legislation. i am absolutely confident it will, and i look forward to signing comprehensive health insurance reform into law by the end of the year. now, a senior aide says that the president did watch the vote as it happened in the house there from camp david. president obama, by the way, is set to return to the white house from camp david sunday afternoon. elaine quijanoo, cnn, washington. >>> the bill now moves on to the senate, where it must also pass, if it is to become law. as in the house, senate democrats are having a hard time winning over republican support for the bill. if the senate passes the bill, the senate version must be reconciled with the house bill that passed last night before it can be signed in to law. >>> it will be a tough day tomorrow for commuters in philadelphia. talks aimed at ending a transit strike broke down last night. bus drivers and trolley and drivers walked off the job yesterday. an independent audit to make sure pension funds are secure and it says it will not star
: afghanistan has oil? caller: no, in america. host: you think we should have oil here and use the reserves to pay for war efforts? caller: that is right. host: thank you. chris on the republican line, good morning. caller: good morning. yes, i think we need to do it. some people do not understand the concept of necessary work her. -- necessary orwarfare. if you have a little girl and you know somebody will break in and torture that little girl in front of you, would you take that gun and shoot them and kill them. there was a yes. now you understand the concept. just multiplied by 1 million. host: you see the threat as the imminent from al-qaeda, and afghanistan is the base for it? caller: for any war that is necessary, and i believe that it is, it has to be brought home for people. they have to see it personally. other people somewhere in the world that are being killed or tortured better in the set like them and their families -- it does not mean anything to them until they picture id other old home with their own families. host: thank you for the call and sharing your analogy. in great b
will not risk your lives unless it is necessary to america's vital interest. >>> president obama will visit singapore, china and south krear during the week-long trip. >>> an ohio mom is accused of taking her kids shoplifting. surveillance tape shows the woman and her children stealing clothing. when a security guard confronts them a fight breaks out. two more got out of a vehicle to join. the adults were arrested. the 8-year-old boy and 10-year-old girl are now in productive custody. >>> we have another clip from sarah palin's interview with oprah. she talks everything from the presidential campaign to her relationship with lev johnson. he got candid about her interview with katie couric. remember a lot of people thought it really hurt her image. here's what she said. >> let's talk about the interview with katie couric. >> must we? okay. >> you talk about it in the book. i assume it's -- >> yeah, it is. you do say it wasn't your best interview. >> but here again -- >> you said it was a defining moment for you, that interview. >> i did not. neither did the campaign. that is why other segmen
's richest because he's made great bets in the stock market. now he says he's making a big bet on america's economic future. yesterday he made the biggest deal of his life when his berkshire hathaway bought the burlington northern santa fe railroad. the company is worth -- i think it was about a $40 billion deal and buffett says this is an all-in bet on the economic future of the u.s. basically he's saying i think the economy will do better and that means that the railroad will do better as they ship more stuff. so we shall see. >>> police say they found stacks and stacks of stolen luggage at somebody's house. looks like a huge suitcase scam. how one officer cracked it. >>> quarter till the hour. overhauling your health care may take longer than expected. yesterday senate majority leader harry reid was asked if his health care bill would pass this year. reid refused to give a time table. democrats say the congressional budget office blew either deadline for analyzing the bill's cost. the senate cannot vote until they're finished and the delay also may mean that reid is having trouble gett
future, maybe a year or two. >> and you are going to be deployed where in america? >> i'll be stationed at ft. bragg six months after i get done here at benning. >> a permanent duty station. >> yes. >> what kind of questions do you have? >> we koent won't have a significant down payment, just use va loan. or should we wait, maybe a yeefr, rent for a while and put a decent sized savings away we can put a down payment on the home? >> there is no right answer to that. if you buy a home pretty quickly, under a va loan, the advantage to that side of it is that the housing market won't have recovered by six months from now. let's say you waited 18 months, 24 hours to have substantial down payment. there may have started to be a meaningful recovery of the housing market. even though i love people to pay substantial down payment, in your circumstance, when you get to bragg, i would with look at buying a home there before the market recovers. but especially if you find one that's a real deal. >> clark can be your money coach as well. the clark howard show airs saturdays and sundays right here on
for the families of today's victims. our family loves america. we are proud of our country, and saddened by today's tragedy. because we're morning express we're going to cover this story, any new developments. but let's also get other headlines today. >>> emergency help for nearly 2 million out of work americans is on the way. president obama is going to sign a bill today that extends the jobless benefits for up to an additional 20 weeks. so by the way, you might remember that lawmakers have extended the benefits twice before, up to 79 weeks total. so melissa long in for jennifer, this would be on top of that? >> yes. it's an extension and i'm sure really good news for the millions of people that are waking up ywake ing up this morning so worried about finding employment or worried today they may losing their jobs. today's bill will extend jobless benefits in all states by 14 additional weeks. states living in unemployment higher than 8.5%, they'll get an extra six weeks of benefits. in less than 30 minutes, unemployment numbers for october will be released. we'll share the numbers with you when
's what's going on today. a hurricane that already made a mess in central america is closing in on the united states. you're going to hear what kind of trouble hurricane ida could be bringing. >>> is there a connection between the fort hood shooting suspect and 9/11 hijackers? no evidence yet but the fbi think there's reason enough to look into that. >>> plus a big question today for the supreme court. what punishment is too harsh for kids who commit crimes? >>> first, though, the u.s. gulf coast is about to get hit by the season's first atlantic hurricane, ida. a category one storm with 90-mile-an-hour winds. it made a mess in nicaragua and is due to make landfall near the alabama-mississippi state line tomorrow. louisiana already declared a state of emergency. >>> is it just me or does it seem like it's a surprise that it's november and we're just now getting our first storm from the atlantic? >> it is kind of odd. less than 5% of all tropical storms or hurricanes happen in the month of november during a season so it's odd but we're breaking the odds. this is updated within
that america can't afford to pay. yesterday one congresswoman echoed that sentiment with some controversial words. >> i believe that the greatest fear that we all should have to our freedom comes from this room, this very room, and what may happen later this week in terms of a tax increase bill massac masquerading as a terrorist bill. i believe we have more fear on that than we do anything else in the country. >> the lady says she was speaking off the cuff. >>> he serves in the military state guards. clark and robin teamed up to help soldiers and you save more, spend less and avoid getting ripped off. >> all right, specialist greg fry is right here and he has a question about something i have seen on the commercials again and again, and i know you guys have on our own station as well. go ahead and ask the question. >> clark, what is the best way to invest in gold? >> other than turn in your wife's story or something like that? >> first, all the ads you see on tv from people to buy your jewelry and all that, run away. run away and not to them. second, buying gold is tough because when you bu
. >>> and america's past time just got more expensive. the red sox are raising ticket prices by as much as 5 bucks. they did freeze price is this year and set a record for attendance. field seats will come up from 125. maybe the economy's turning around? the real estate market is not. this costs 55 million bucks to build. the silver dome stadium in michigan sold for the price of a one-bedroom apartment. $583,000, to a canadian real estate group. >> what are they going to do with it? >> they want to use it for sporting events. in the next half hour, a baseball player overcomes a major obstacle to win a major award. >> thanks. >>> what would you do with a building that size? here's bob for our travelers. >> i want to take you real quick to boston. if you're going up there today, it's a cold start. temperatures in the 30s, but partly cloudy skies, up to about 50 to 53. no problems delaywise there, but some popping up down south. chicago metro's look at an east wind. atlanta, we've had delays because of morning clouds. charlotte, you're at a ground stop for the next eight minutes. >>> an 11-month-old
're doing, fighting for america's freedom. so thank you all. >> if you have somebody you you love in the military, go to cnn.com/robin to salute them. i'm sure those sentiments have been shared by the people standing this morning at the vietnam veterans memorial wall. i think that we have a life shot to show you of that as well. it's kind of a gloomy day there, but already early people are out there on this veterans day today looking for names, leaving mementos, and just saying thank you. nikki on facebook says, i just want to thank all military personnel for what you guys do and what you sacrifice. amy says, thank you for protecting my children. sherry, thank you to all our brave and selfless soerls, i want to pay you my respect and send you my love. share your messages on this veterans day, maybe to someone currently in the military or maybe a veteran and you want to talk about them. we'd be glad to hear it, cnn.com/robin, go to the web page and there a facebook link. >>> senators have planned a hearing to see if the tragedy at ft. hood could have been prevented. new information
of america? and i said yes, i would love to. yes, i would be honored to be able to help contribute to the campaign if we were so blessed as to win, to the country. >> but there's no part of you that thinks, well, i wonder if i'm really up for that job. >> no, no. i didn't blink. i felt quite confident in my abilities and my executive experience knowing that this is an executive administrative job, happy to get in there and contribute. >> well, palin also saidly jie johnston has an open invitation to thanksgiving dinner. he's the father of her grandson and has publicly criticized her. in a few minutes you'll hear what palin said about a possible presidential run. >>> a georgia teacher is accused of trying to put a hit on a student. the student's attorney tells local media that randolph forde asked the 16-year-old if he was gay and threatened to hit him. police say that he asked another student to kill the teen. >> the teacher held a piece of paper up with the victim's name on it advising that he was going t.o. a hit on that student. >> people say that they do something in this day a
on the road. >> by now i hope everybody in america who has a toyota or a lexus made between 2004 and 2010 has checked to see if your is one of the ones affected by one of the oddest recalls of all time. 4 million vehicles, approximately, were recalled because the driver floor mat could cause you to be in an accident and possibly even cause a fatal wreck. it's weird, isn't it? and the remedy, so simple, you pull out the floor mat on the driver's side and you let your carpet get dirty in the car. but most recalls aren't so simple as that. the shocker, though, is that most of the time, even when there's a recall involving serious safety stuff, people don't respond, don't take their cars or trucks to the dealer. i want you to take care of it, especially if it's steering, braking, something like that. there's a website you can learn what's going on with your car, autosafety.org. check it out. i'm clark howard. check me out at cnn.com/clarkhoward. >>> and for more ways to save more, spend less, and avoid getting ripped off, don't miss the clark howard show today at noon eastern right here on hln. >
too much sugar anyway heightening america's obesity problems. >>> get this. the niece of cleveland's mayor had a relationship with the same man suspected of strangling at least 11 women and hiding their bodies in his house. she tells affiliate woio that an thonny sowell took good care of her and she never thought the smells in his house might be bodies. sowell faces five counts of aggravated murder. >>> researchers think australia's koe wall la population could be exing tingt within a few years because of climate change. the australia koala foundation says there are about 43,000 left and there were millions in the 1800s. the population dropped 64% between 1999 and 2008. >>> what is it with video from girls soccer? a fight broke out in high school girls soccer game caught on video. and so make it even worse, it was the state championships? >> it was the state championship. from what i understand that new mexico soccer player is now sending a thank you note -- no, she's not really. it's what's going on here with women's soccer? this was the state championship in providence, rhode isl
is to find ways to put america back to work. the unemployment hit a 26-year high of 10.2% in october. later on today, president obama leaves for a trip to asia. >>> a school in north carolina is ending a fundraiser that allowed the kids to get extra credit when they donated money. who thought this was okay? in the fundraiser, every 20 bucks donated by a student would earn them 20 extra credit points they could use on tests no less. the school board stopped the fundraiser is returning the money and saying no extra credit will be given. i hear people laughing. it sounds crazy. >>> if the airline industry is broken, some say a meeting today could be the first step toward fixing it. a lot of airlines are on shaky financial grounds. transportation secretary ray la hood wants to talk about the state of the industry and find ways the government can help it get financial stability back. the forum is closed to the public. >>> some of the stories we're watching for you already in the "morning express" planner. a hearing will take place in boston for mehanna for an alleged terror plot to shoot people
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